Almost everybody you meet these days is going on a trip or planning to go on one. Travelling is an expensive affair and because of that more and more people are looking online to find discounts and deals for their trips. As such more and more websites are cropping up over the internet to help and cater to the needs of these travelers. Hotel bookings, searching for flights, checking in’s, and places of interest are all searched online these days. Because of that, this is probably the best time to set up an online travel website. Now one might think that setting up a travel website is very easy. But without expert professional knowledge such a website might end up looking like a simple travel blog or fan page.

Our professionals at Sab Design Street are experienced in building travel websites as we have researched the industry in detail and have helped a number of travel agencies in setting up powerful, attractive and informative websites which have helped not only attract clients but also keep them coming back.

Among many features we provide are the following:

  • Support for multiple countries, time zones and currencies.
  • An online reservation system for customers, agents and other affiliates.
  • Easy reservation and modification/cancellation options.
  • Multiple online payment gateways integrated for the convenience of customers.
  • Easy filtering and sorting of search results.
  • Sales promotions and marketing options such as coupons and codes.
  • A simplified report generation system detailing sales, reservations and cancellations.

In addition to these we have a number of other features and customizations that we can offer after contact with you. Our experts at Sab Design Street will help you create an appealing and user friendly interface showcasing the best deals and packages. In addition we will create a mobile website design as most people access the internet via their mobiles these days. So contact us now and know more about our packages and customizations.


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