In addition to these we give the business owners or website admins a number of features to enhance their product such as-

  • Customizable categories and subcategories
  • Meta tag and title tags.
  • Product grouping and sub-groups.
  • Option of listing product under different categories for easy search.
  • Multiple images per product.
  • Pan and scan image options.
  • Multiple currencies as per country home page.
  • Management of related products.

And many more features are available when you order a tailor made eCommerce system from us. Our developers will engage with you and customize your website with even more features than listed above. So contact us at Sab Design Street to know more and let us help you in making the best eCommerce website for your business.

Get the best customizable eCommerce solutions for your website through Sab Design Street. We not only design customizable systems but we listen to your requirements and create custom online shopping portals useful for you. We integrate the online shopping cart into the custom design created by us for you as per your request and also aid in installing it on a live server.

Our custom eCommerce systems allows your clients, visitors and customers a number of features –

  • Creation of Accounts – These can be created either before or during the checkout process.
  • Modify Orders – Customers can edit or modify their information and order details by logging into their accounts.
  • Creation of Shopping Carts/Baskets – Customers can add items to a virtual shopping cart/ basket while browsing after logging in with their accounts. You can also save items to your cart in this process.
  • Search Options – We allow your customers to search products easily by categorizing them into easily searchable categories. We also give your customers an option of advanced search where they can key into or filter according to their needs.
  • Creation of wishlists/favorites – Customers can add products they like and would like to purchase later to their wish list or a favorites list.
  • Confirmation e-mails – The customer receives confirmation emails when they complete important processes. These include when they complete the registration process, place orders, edit orders, and when their order status changes.
  • Password Rest/Reminder Option – You get the option to reset your password or help you remember your password through a simple but secure process.
  • Notify a Friend – We provide you to notify a friend feature which allows you to send a link of the product to your friend or friends via Email.
  • Order Details – The customer gets a full order history and details available to them and can use it to track their order details.
  • Print your Order – We also have an easy function for printing the order details from the customer’s account home.
  • Contact Us – Customers can also contact your company via email or customer care options from your website.


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