There are over 4.7 billion mobile phone users in the world, out of which around 2 billion are smartphone users. To cater to these users there are millions of apps out there with new ones being developed every minute. Most users access the internet only through these apps on their smartphone. The future is undoubtedly smartphone oriented and to stay in tune with the times it is important for your online business to have its own smartphone mobile application. We at Sab Design Street know this and have the professionals to make the every sort of app according to your requirements.

Some Smartphone Application Facts –

  • More than half the online searches are made through mobile smartphones.
  • 140 Billion downloads have been done via the Apple App Store
  • 45% of men make purchases through smartphone mobiles compared to 34 % of women.
  • 25% of all downloaded apps are purchased.
  • More impulse buying is done on smartphone mobile apps than otherwise.
  • Smartphone transactions are increasing by 50 % every year.
  • Smartphone Apps helped online businesses grow exponentially and a few websites shut down their web pages to become app only businesses.
  • Smartphone apps help businesses reach new audiences who are without access to a desktop or laptop.
  • Smartphone apps are an easy way for customers to purchase/browse on the go.

These and many more benefits are derived from having a mobile app attached to your business. We at Sab Design Street have a number of experts who know how to create the best mobile apps for your business. Our experience and expertise will help you build the most cutting edge apps which will help create a niche for you in today's crowded and competitive mobile app market. So, contact us now and let us help you build a base of mobile app users at the most affordable rates in the market.


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