An infographic is a visual arrangement of information or facts in a fun way. Most people prefer information given to them via pictorials or visual medium rather than via cold hard text blocks. This is even truer in the age of information technology and the internet.

Surveys have shown that the most liked or viewed things on the internet are images. This seems like such a simple basic thing so everyone must be doing it. But surprisingly the opposite is true. Creating an attractive and relative infographic requires a lot of creativity, research, knowledge, visual flair, designing and copy writing.

Why Infographic designs are popular:

  • Visual data is easily processed and viewed faster than text by our brains.
  • Infographics are attractive are and more appealing to readers/viewers.
  • Infographics with brand image embedded in them create more brand awareness.
  • Infographics present data and facts in a fun and more appealing manner.
  • Use of infographics helps your website look more creative and friendly.
  • Infographics are loved by people on social media, who can use them for sharing and can hence go viral lending more visibility.
  • Increased sharing of infographics is more likely to bring more traffic to your website.
At Sab Design Street, our creative designers will be do in depth research of your business to create unique and creative content for your website. We will embed it with attractive infographics and top quality graphic design to make it stand out from the competition.

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